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What is LOTFITS?

LOTFITS automates the Fit Analysis Process for the Building Industry. Utilizing existing Community (LOTS) and House (2D and 3D) engineering plans to provide 100% accurate, real-time fit answers that impact all aspects of your business including sales, engineering, operations, marketing and IT. Unlike the manual process of the past, LOTFITS checks and validates, the X, Y and Z axis.

With LOTFITS, the Fit Analysis Process can fuel your customer interactions using our 3D sales interface, keep your website always up to date with our Connected Site Map. We also enable Engineering to have all the answers they need from development, construction topography analysis, dirt calculations and so much more. With a mindful focus on connectivity, we have a robust dynamic API ready for any data you want to utilize in LOTFITS as well as the ability to connect our results to reduce duplicate entry.

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Customer Sales Interaction

LOTFITS proprietary solution provides significant practical benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced engineering costs and mitigated engineering related mishaps. Additionally, the benefits to the sales team and process are equally impactful. Customers are able to see their house in 3D, receive expectations and truly experience the potential of their dream home before a shovel touches the ground.

Meet the Team

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Steve Bauer


Miroslav Davidovic
Lead Developer and Architect


Andrei Bardari


Rob Bauer
Engineering Lead

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