LOTFITS Integration

LOTFITS provides a seamless integration with many builder systems. Reducing data entry with our ERP Integrations with Constellation, HB1, MiTek.

Built to Scale

Built with kubernetes, LOTFITS is built to scale. Whether you build 50 homes a years or 20,000, our infrastructure scales as needed. This provides quick onboarding, easy scaling and eliminates costly overhead of traditional software hosting.

ERP Integration

At LOTFITS we have worked very hard to keep our integration process simple! LOTFITS works hand in hand with Constellation, HB1, and MiTek. This keeps the transition to the LOTFITS ecosystem easy and painless. Change can be painful when it comes to software integration but with LOTFITS it doesn't have to be.

Sales Integration

Having a sales interface that integrates with your technical ecosystem is critical! With LOTFITS, our sales interface can integrate to whatever CRM and ERP your company is currently using. This will enable your sales team to interact with customers and start the sales process ultimately reducing repetitive data entry and redundant department to department communication.


Our team is dedicated to supporting LOTFITS. Let us know how we can help!


Our customer training center will keep your team up to date on current best practices.


LOTFITS utilizes state of the art hosting with Microsoft Azure, offering unmatched reliability.


Our robust API allows for easy integrations. We also offer custom integrations.

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Want to learn more? Select a time that works for you and your team and we'll handle the rest! We look forward to showing your business how LOTFITS can save time, money and provide 100% accurate results to your team and customers.