LOTFITS Sales Interaction

LOTFITS has been hard at work creating a new modern sales experience. LOTFITS will allow for an Instant Close. We provide your sales team with all the tools and data necessary to close a deal on the spot. No second guessing, internal double checks, or return visits. Let your sales team do what they do best, sell with confidence, accuracy, and maximize structural options

Instant Close

LOTFITS provides what we like to call Instant Close capabilities. This is the ability to have all the information you need to collect a down payment during your first interaction with a customer. This means having:

● Always accurate live lot availability.
● No need for additional department to department communication
● Know with confidence your customers fit the lot they love
● Community monotony rules right at your fingertips

Credibility and Confidence

LOTFITS has been providing the credibility and confidence to top 100 builders for the last 6 years. LOTFITS being tied to your current CRM and ERP systems reduces repetitive data entry. Being tied to these systems gives your sales teams 100% accurate information right when they need it.

Minimal Training Needed

LOTFITS customer interface is simplistic but effective. This means virtually no down time for your sales teams. training can be done in as little as an hour. LOTIFTS provides continuing support throughout the entire time you are utilizing the product. You can call us or email us whenever you have any questions.


Our team is dedicated to supporting LOTFITS. Let us know how we can help!


Our customer training center will keep your team up to date on current best practices.


LOTFITS utilizes state of the art hosting with Microsoft Azure, offering unmatched reliability.


Our robust API allows for easy integrations. We also offer custom integrations.

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