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What is LOTFITS?

LOTFITS automates the Fit Analysis Process for the Building Industry. Utilizing existing Community (LOTS) and House (2D and 3D) engineering plans to provide 100% accurate, real-time fit answers that impact all aspects of your business including sales, engineering, operations, marketing and IT. Unlike the manual process of the past, LOTFITS checks and validates, the X, Y and Z axis.

With LOTFITS, the Fit Analysis Process can fuel your customer interactions using our 3D sales interface, keep your website always up to date with our Connected Site Map. We also enable Engineering to have all the answers they need from development, construction topography analysis, dirt calculations and so much more. With a mindful focus on connectivity, we have a robust dynamic API ready for any data you want to utilize in LOTFITS as well as the ability to connect our results to reduce duplicate entry.

Solution Benefits


Engineering Enabler

LOTFITS Patented Fit Analysis Process validates fit on the X, Y and Z axis providing impactful data points such as dirt calculations, coverage percentages and more!


Sales Interaction - Instant Close!

Our Sales Viewer sets the proper customer expectations for the sales team. We equip your team with ALL the fit answers on your customers dream home.


Site Map

Our always up to date Site Map will keep your website current and your customers informed.



Our purposeful automation saves your company time, money and eliminates current out of date manual tech tools.



With LOTFITS handling fit, we can feed data and sales interactions to and from any systems in your environment.

What Our​

Clients Say.

LOTFITS has been a great addition to our customer experience and sales process. The benefits on the engineering side have immeasurable impact to our organization.

Anthony Lombardo
Lombardo Homes
We first looked at LOTFITS due to the topographical challenges in our market. Their 3D analysis of FIT was a game changer for our organization in addition to the many other LOTFITS benefits.
MO Home Builder

Customer Sales Interaction

LOTFITS proprietary solution provides significant practical benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced engineering costs and mitigated engineering related mishaps. Additionally, the benefits to the sales team and process are equally impactful. Customers are able to see their house in 3D, receive expectations and truly experience the potential of their dream home before a shovel touches the ground.

Meet the Team

SteveBauerHeadshot (1)

Steve Bauer


Miroslav Davidovic
Lead Developer and Architect


Andrei Bardari


Rob Bauer
Engineering Lead

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LOTFITS has a long history of helping homebuilders with the tough question of fit management. We've spent years automating the process and will enable your business to eliminate timely tasks that are burdening operations. Schedule a demo and find out more!


Our Story

LOTFITS was founded to solve the simple but complex question of 'Will a customers dream home fit on their dream lot?'. After the LOTFITS team solved that question, we've been focusing on enhancing the answer and providing additional benefit to our customers and industry partners.



Over the years, we've seen builders big and small face the same challenges on fit. Here are the commonly asked questions.

LOTFITS utilizes common engineering plans that most builders have readily available.

Community and development plans that contain LOTS need to be Autodesk .dwg format. We can accept the most basic (X, Y data only) to extremely complex (tin file nested in .dwg) community plans depending on what the builder has available.

Base plan and model plans have 2 accepted formats for 2D and 3D analysis. For 2D, our standard is a Autodesk .dwg. For 3D, we accept a couple formats depending on how 3D is being utilized within your organization. If your company utilizes Autodesk Architecture AEC walls, we can utilize the them in .dwg format. If Revit is in use, we can accept Autodesk Revit .rvt files for 3D analysis.

Implementation is very similar for most builders but can be tailored to individual needs if needed.

Our standard approach involves stakeholder introduction of LOTFITS to define scope and approach. During implementation there are various milestones and training checkpoints to make sure your team is set up for success.

We have many integrations to various industry systems but we also welcome the opportunity to integrate to new systems if one does not exist. Our goal is to leverage our automation and results to reduce duplicate entry.


We are happy to offer Autodesk File services to all subscribers during onboarding and for day to day management of LOTFITS ready files. Whether you're looking to augment your team, have use handle the maintenance of files or train your team to handle them internally, we can help. Engaging the LOTFITS team for CAD services is a simple and quick process.

*A standard hourly fee applies for services performed.

LOTFITS is a SaaS (software as a service) product that heavily utilizes the cloud and is licensed on a per Closed Home basis.

With our licensing tied to Closed Homes, our pricing is RECESSION PROOF. If the market or sales hit a speed bump, so does your licensing fee. We want to enable and grow with your business!

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